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Free Shipping, Busting the Myth
I'm sure everyone has heard the old adage, "THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH".
It's definitely the case when it comes to claims of "FREE SHIPPING" expressed by many online retailers. If you have had to purchase gas for your car, or diesel fuel for your truck lately, you know that the cost of transporting goods and people is on the rise. So then, how can these online retailers offer shipping for FREE?
Well, it's as you suspected, In truth, it's just a sales gimmick and the shipping cost has already been added into the product cost by these online retailers.
At Best Buy Pool Supply we choose to keep the shipping cost seperate from the product cost on all but a few products and (Free shipping = Shipping included in price) where offered. We just feel it's a more honest approach to doing business. We hope you agree.

Note:A Handling Fee of $9.95 (Per Order) will apply to some orders.