Ultrapure Upp15 Pool Ozone System 240V 60Hz - 1003120

The UltraPure™ ozone generator UPP15 works by eliminating all the problems and wasted chemicals that associated with the combined chlorine/bromine constantly wear out the contaminants produced by swimmers.

UltraPure™ Ozone generator comes complete with a Dial Flowmeter Suction Side Parts Package (DFSSPP), External Safety Air Bleed Kit (ESABK), Owner's Manual and Warranty Card.

UltraPure Replacement Ozone Generator for Ozonator UPP15 240V/60HZ DIAL FLOWMETER SSPP 1004120 .

  • Model UPP15
  • Pool Volume 15,000 Gallons
  • Ozone Output 0.057
  • Air Draw 3 to 7 scfh
  • Volts 240 V
  • Lamp Life 10,000 Hours
  • $459.99
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