Premium Warranty Support Option

Great Low Prices and Name Brand Pool Equipment make the Internet a great place to buy your pool supplies. However, not all Internet companies treat product warranties the same.

Many manufacturers are now offering only 30 day warranties on their pool equipment if not installed by a qualified pool professional. At Best Buy Pool Supply we don't feel this is right. Many DIY pool owners are very qualified and can do their own installations. At Best Buy Pool Supply we make sure you are still covered with our Premium Warranty Support.

What Is Premium Warranty Support?
  What we Offer! Us Them Why is this important?
We Handle The Manufacturer Warranty Yes No This is a Best Buy Pool Supply Exclusive that can save you a lot of money if you have a warranty issue.
We Pay All of The Warranty Related Shipping Costs Yes No Our competitors will make you pay all of the shipping costs on warranty replacements. Don't get stuck with the bill
Up to $80.00 Towards Service Call Yes No We pay for a 1 time service call on heater repairs when deemed necessary by the manufacturer and Best Buy Pool Supply (Up to $ 80.00)
Offered On Most Products Yes No Our competition doesn't even offer it!
Lasts For The Full Warranty Period Yes No We are authorized dealers of all the brands we sell & fully support the manufacturer's warranty.
No Extra Paperwork Yes No It's offered at time of purchase. We don't require any special sign-up or paperwork to make it hassle free.
We Service What We Sell Yes ? If you have a problem with your pool equipment we work with you to try to solve it.
Complete Support Before, During and After The Sale Yes ? We will help you choose the products for your pool based on our years of In-Field experience - we are not on commission and sell all of the brands. Just call us!

What's not covered:

  • Damage to pool equipment that is due to customer misuse, neglect or improper installation.
    We strongly suggest you hire a qualified installer for your pool equipment if you're not qualified yourself.
  • Equipment used for Commercial (Non Residential) use.