Pool Pump Recommendation

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What type of pool do you have? Inground pool
Above ground pool
Free Standing Self Contained Spa
What type filter do you have? Sand filter
DE filter
Cartridge filter
Looking at your pool filter label, tell us the maximum design flow rate listed on the filter side label. It will be expressed in GPM.
Can you tell us your filter model as read from the filter label?
If known, what is the brand and model of your current pump?
Looking at the plumbing into and out of the pump, tell us the plumbing size. 1 1/2" inside diameter (Measures 1 3/4" Outside)
2" inside diameter (Measures 2 1/2" Outside)
2 1/2" inside diameter (Measures 3" Outside)
Is your pump a single speed, 2 speed or Multiple speed pump? Single speed
Two speed
Multiple speed
What is this pump going to be used for? Pool filtration only
Pool filtration & Spa jets
Pool filtration & water features such as waterfalls etc.
Spa jets only
Water features only such as waterfalls etc.
Booster pump for pool cleaner
Does your city or county require variable speed or 2 speed pumps when replacing? Yes
What are the most important features in selecting your new pump? Highest energy efficiency
Lowest possible price
Closest match to old pump
Do you have a brand preference? Hayward
Is there anything else you feel we should know regarding your pool pump selection?