Pool Heater Recommendation Form

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What type of pool do you have? Inground pool
Above Ground pool
If this is an In Ground pool, which best describes it? Pool Only
Pool/Spa Combination
Spa Only
What is the pool surface area in Sq. Ft.? Or if easier provide the L x W
If this is a heater for a spa only, how many gallons does the spa hold?
Which heater type? Natural gas
Propane (large tank in yard)
Electric Heat Pump
If the heater is to be installed in an area (above 2000' elevation), enter your elevation here.
If replacing an existing unit, What is the BTU size of your heater?
Where will the heater be installed? Outdoors
Inside an equipment room or other enclosed space
Describe the heaters intended use. Pool heating only
Pool & Spa heating
Spa heating only
If heater is for spa heating only and it is to be heated for each use, how quickly did you want the spa heated to desired temperature?
If this is a Natural gas installation, what size is the gas line running between the gas meter and heater? 1"
Propane installation (doesn't apply)
For Natural gas installations only, what is the distance in feet between the gas meter and pool heater?
Is the heater to be installed in Southern California where a Low Nox heater is required? Yes
Is this for a commercial property such as a Motel, Apartment Complex etc. requiring an ASME certified heater? Yes
Do you have a brand preference? Raypak
To assist us in recommending heaters available in your area, in what state are you located?
Is there anything else you feel we should know about your pool?