Pool Controller Recommendation Form

Email Address:
Do you already have an automatic control system? If yes which brand or model?
Are you looking to upgrade or replace your current system? Upgrade
Tell us what you're controlling. Pool Only
Pool & Spa Sharing Equipment
How many pumps do you have to operate? One
Are any of your pumps 2 speed or Variable speed pumps? 2 speed pump
Variable speed pump
Neither, single speed pumps only
If you have a pump with more than two speeds, tell us which one. Pentair (VS-3050) 4x160
Pentair (VF-3050) Variable speed
Pentair (VS+SVRS) 4x160 w/Blockage Sensing
Sta-Rite (VS-3050) 4x160
Hayward Variable Speed
Jandy Variable Speed
2 Speed Pump
What type of pool lighting do you have? White lights
Color changing lights (Not Fiberoptic)
Fiber Optic lighting with Illuminator
How would you like to operate the pool lights? All lights turn on together
Pool & Spa lights operate independently
Will you be operating a Solar Heating System with the control? Yes
Do you want a Salt Water Chlorinator with your system? Yes
I already have a salt water system
If you already have a salt water chlorinator tell us which brand and model.
How many gallons does your pool contain?
Is there anything else that needs to be turned Off and On with the system?
What controller options did you want? Hand Held Wireless Control
Hard Wired Indoor Control
Wireless Wall Mounted Control
Both Hard Wired Indoor and Hand Held Wireless Control
iPhone Control
Do you live in an area where lightning storms are common? Yes
What brand do you prefer? Pentair