Pool Cleaner Recommendation Form

Email Address:
What type of pool do you have? Inground pool
Above ground pool
Pool finish Plaster/Concrete Pool
Vinyl liner pool
Fiberglass pool
Tile pool
Do you currently have an Automatic Cleaner? Which type? Suction cleaner (Connects to skimmer or dedicated suction port)
Pressure cleaner with booster pump (Connects to dedicated pressure line)
Pressure cleaner without booster pump (Connects to dedicated pressure line)
Robotic cleaner (Aquabot, Dolphin etc)
I don't currently have any cleaner
Do you have a dedicated 1.5" cleaner line on the side of your pool? If yes describe it's location inside the pool.
What type of debris does your pool receive the most? Leaves
Dirt and fine debris
Twigs and acorns
All of the above
What cleaner type do you prefer? Robotic pool cleaner (fully self contained)
Pressure type cleaner (I already have a booster pump)
Pressure type cleaner (pool is set up for a pressure cleaner without a seperate booster pump)
Suction type pool cleaner (connects to either skimmer suction port or dedicated suction line)
Do you have a brand preference? Polaris
Kreepy Krauly
Is there anything else you feel we should know about your pool?