Pentair Legend Ii Lx5000G Pressure Pool Cleaner

Pentair Legend Ii Lx5000G Pressure Pool Cleaner


Product Overview

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Legend II provides pressure-side power without the added energy consumption of a booster pump. That means fast, through cleaning and a lower cost to operate. Dual-jetted design powers water through unit to create powerful vacuum action.


  • Superior cleaning power without a booster pump
  • Front-wheel drive design assures maximum traction on inclined surfaces for total pool coverage
  • Four wheel design prevents tipping (common with 3 wheel cleaners) for uninterrupted and unattended performance
  • Dual thrust jets for maximum power, speed and performance
  • Automatic back-up feature prevents hang-ups by steps and in corners to assure uninterrupted and unattended performance
  • Heavy-duty, large-capacity twist lock collection bag for long periods between cleanings and ease of maintenance
  • Available in Grey/White or all Grey


Pentair Legend 2 Cleaner Brochure

Pentair Legend 2 Cleaner Install Guide

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