Northshore Solar, LLC

Name: William Smith

Email Address:

Phone: 847-905-0284

1233 Hartrey Ave
Evanston, Illinois, 60202

Company History and Information

How long have you been in business?

General Contracting Business since 2004, Alternative Energy since 2010

How far will you travel from your location for installations?

Illinois, Northern Indiana, Southern Wisconsin

What is  your company's primary focus?

Pool solar installer

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We are a full service sustainable energy company providing a
full range of alternative energy products;Solar Thermal, Solar PV,
Geothermal, and other energy efficient products.

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Pool heater replacement, Pool solar panel install

Describe whether you charge by the hour or flat rate per job?

The type and size of the project will determine how we charge...may be flat rate, by the
hour or time and material.

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