Pool Frog 01-18-4406 Instant Mineral Sanitizer - Place Inside Skimmer Basket

Instant Frog ( Place inside skimmer basket ) (01184408)- Free Shipping!

Product Overview

is designed using an advanced state-of-the-art mineral technology — Silver, Zinc, Limestone — that makes a difference you can see and feel:

  • No smelly fumes
  • No more red eyes
  • Better water quality
  • Less use of chemicals

    The INSTANT FROG pool mineral sanitizer , is easy to install and works faster than fast. INSTANT FROG is made for inground pools up to 30,000 gallons. It drops right in the skimmer basket and lasts for six months.

    See the Mineral Difference
    That’s right. Open your eyes under the water with no fear of them turning red or burning. Spend all day in the pool and never worry about dry, itchy skin or faded swimsuits. And take back the fun of your pool by reducing the work and increasing the pool’s life.
    You can do all of this and more; not tomorrow, not next year, but... right now — with INSTANT Frog Mineral Purifier.


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