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GLI Protect-A-Pool Safety Fence

GLI Optional 36" wide Self Latching & Locking Gate

gli protect a pool safety pool fence for children and pets gli protect a pool safety pool gates for children and pets
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(Available in 4' & 5' heights) (Available in 4' & 5' heights)

GLI Protect-A-Pool Drill Guide

5/8 x 18 Inch SDS-Plus Serrated-Tip Bit

gli protect a pool safety pool drill guides for children and pets gli protect a pool safety pool drill bit
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$150.00 - Deposit $59.95
Refundable upon return of drill guide  

Pool Safety Fence Information


While there is no substitute for adult supervision, GLI Protect-A-Pool removable fencing is designed to provide pool owners with an added layer of security.

This safety fencing offers protection to small children, pets, handicapped and elderly people by creating a barrier to the pool's edge. When properly installed, the strong woven polyester transparent mesh fabric of this fence won't allow children, pets or toys to pass through. The climb-resistant surface of the fence also inhibits people from going over the fence. In only seconds, an adult can unlatch a panel of the fence for easy access to the swimming pool. GLI Protect-A-Pool fence sections are made in pre-assembled 10-foot lengths and can be shortened to fit any requirements. An exclusive micro-hole system requires that only 5/8" holes be drilled in the deck for installation. When you want an unobscured view to the pool for special events, GLI Protect-A-Pool fencing can be completely removed or reinstalled by just one person in minutes! The lightweight fence sections roll up for compact storage and plastic covers are provided to plug the deck holes when the fence is not in use. Fencing comes complete with hardware, measuring template and instructions. Drill guide is available for a refundable deposit (see listing below). A rotary hammer drill is required for installation.


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  • Removes and reinstalls in minutes
  • Climb resistant surface - No toeholds or fingerholds
  • Durable baked-on TGIC powder coat finish
  • Ideally suited for any environment
  • Five year warranty

    The GLI Protect-A-Pool Fence Installs in 3 Easy Steps Installing the GLI Protect-A-Pool Fence is an easy Do-It-Yourself Installation. Each fence comes with installation instructions which shows you step by step how to install your fence. If you have any questions, please call Best Buy Pool Supply at 1-800-877-1268.

  • Step One: Measure the perimeter of your pool. If possible leave at least 18 inches of room around your pool so that you have space to work when the fence is up. Each fence panel is ten feet long. So if the perimeter of your pool is 106 feet, you will need 11 Protect-A-Pool Fence Panels.
  • Step Two: Unpack your Protect-A-Pool Removable Fence. Everything you need comes in the box. Use the measuring template to mark where each hole will be drilled. Then using the Proect-A-Pool Drill Guide and your hammer drill, drill each of the holes according to the provided directions.
  • Step Three: After epoxying the sleeves into each hole, you may install the fence panels. Once all the panels are in place, you are ready to latch the panels.
Protect-A-Pool 4' High Fence Installation
Protect-A-Pool 5' High Fence Installation