30 Round Armor Kote Winter Pool Cover - 20Yr Warranty

HPI 18' x 38' Oval Armor Kote Winter Cover - 22' x 42' Cover Size

  • 30% lighter and 50% stronger than other covers
  • Higher tear and puncture resistance
  • Resistant to chlorine and other chemical stains
  • Poly Threads (not cotton) are Stronger & Last Longer, won't Rot
  • Rugged Tie Down
  • 20yr Limited Warranty

Product Overview

Armor Kote® is made from premium North American woven polyethylene. Unlike cheaper imports, Armor Kote’s® super strong materials make this cover up to 50% stronger than any other winter cover. Not only is it super strong, it is up to 30% lighter, so it is easy to install each fall and remove in the spring. In addition to the superior strength, Armor Kote’s® advanced coating technology produces a fabric that resists chlorine, chemicals, high wind and also has superior tear and puncture resistance. This domestic dynamo is made to last!

Our above ground cover features a big 4 ft overlap to fit wide top rails and is secured by a strong cable & tightener system.

Armor Kote® covers are an attractive tan with a dark blue underside to prohibit algae growth. If you are tired of replacing your winter cover every other season, invest in this rugged North American cover with superior quality. 20 Year Warranty.

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