Hayward ColorLogic LED Pool Light

Get ready to light up your nights. Introducing ColorLogic from Hayward, a new colored lighting option that's sure to give your pool personality. Its patented Chromacore® technology combines a microprocessor with the brightest LED's in the industry to deliver high intensity and an extensive array of colors. With five fixed colors and an unprecedented seven color-changing shows that offer hundreds of color combinations, your backyard is sure to be the nighttime hot spot. ColorLogic has no color wheel or other moving parts, providing noise-free operation. Easy to install and maintenance-free, ColorLogic sets the industry standard for colored lighting.

So set the mood and light up the night with Voodoo Lounge, Tranquility, Cool Cabaret or one of the other color shows or fixed colors. ColorLogic from Hayward. So many choices. So little night.

Click here to View the Hayward ColorLogic Installation Manual


  • Easy installation
  • Ability to synchronize two or more lights
  • Sealed unit requires no maintenance – no bulbs to change
  • No moving parts for noise-free operation and product performance
  • Low power use
  • Fits in Hayward's in-ground niches
  • Offers the industry's only integrated safety feature of 15 seconds of white light at startup, for added convenience and peace of mind



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