Grundfos Circulation Pump - 230 Volt  ( 59896292)

Grundfos Circulation Pump - 230 Volt ( 59896292)

This pump is energy efficient and costs only pennies per day to operate. Its absolutely quiet, almost silent operation will assure your customer`s satisfaction. The newer pump has been completely redesigned with an ingenious rotating volute allowing installation in all plumbing configurations.

Complete Pump Type Circulation Pump
Speed 1 Speed (1-Spd)
Motor Voltage 230v
Drain Plug Location 4 o`clock
Pump to Motor Foot Types Footless
Suction Style Center
Suction Connection (Physical Dimension) 1"od
Suction Connection Type Barb (b)
Suction Pipe Size 1"
Discharge Style Side
Discharge Connection (Physical Dimension) 1"od
Discharge Connection Type Barb (b)
Discharge Pipe Size 1"
Motor Amperage/Wattage 0.41A, 94w
Manufacturer Grundfos
Pump Model 59896292
Volute Fastening Type 4 Screws
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