Aboveground Pool Winter Covers

Aboveground Pool Winter Covers

Order your cover by pool size, the cover will be larger to allow for proper overlap

Purchase an Aboveground Pool Winter Cover

PoolTux Ultra Premium Aboveground Pool Winter Covers

Our top of the line cover has a commercial grade 14 x 14 scrim count and has the heaviest coating in the industry. The cover is bound on the edges with commercial grade material and thread. We are so confident in the quality of the cover, we gave it and industry leading 25 year warranty. This cover will be the last cover you ever need to buy.

PoolTux Emperor Aboveground Pool Winter Covers

Our supreme strength cover will give you maximum performance year after year. This cover will stand up to the harshest winters and is top of the line in terms of strength and durability. The cover is bound on the edges with commercial grade material and thread.

PoolTux King Aboveground Pool Winter Covers

Our heavy duty King Cover is an exceptional cover giving you greater longevity and excellent ware performance.

HPI Armor Kote Aboveground Pool Winter Covers: Advanced Coating Technology

Incredibly strong Armor Kote winter cover provides your pool with extra tough winter protection for years to come. Armor Kote covers are 30% lighter and 50% stronger than other covers with a higher tear and puncture resistance and superior seam strength. To retain its beautiful appearance season after season, this tan cover is specially coated with a chemical resistant polymer to resist staining from chlorine. Plus the deep blue underside prohibits algae growth by not letting the light in that algae feeds on! This cover will stay grounded with its heavy-duty water bag loops every 40 in. and corner loops for extra tie-down protection (matching tan water bags sold separately). A 5 ft overlap on in-ground pools, 20 year warranty/ 5 yr full. Water bags sold seperatly.

HPI Yard Guard Poly Aboveground Pool Winter Covers

Yard Guard Poly Woven covers are made from the widest material in the industry resulting in less seams for a bigger and stronger cover. All of our Poly covers are made from material under the most demanding guidelines of quality control, so you can be assured that your Yard Guard Cover is made to last.

PoolTux Royal Aboveground Pool Winter Covers

While other covers are thin and flimsy, our Royal cover has the quality of more expensive covers.

Hpi Enviro Aboveground Pool Winter Covers

Enviro Cover is a patented reflective silver coated mesh pool cover that speeds up the melting process allowing water to filter through relieving the pressure on pool walls and the need for water where water is allocated or costly.