The SafeBuy pool equipment purchase guarantee is a Best Buy Pool Supply exclusive offering.

SafeBuy protects you from the problems and hassles associated with buying the wrong pool equipment and then getting stuck with it or incurring large expenses to get it swapped out.

The SafeBuy pool equipment purchase guarantee covers the following equipment items:

  • Pool heaters
  • Pool filters
  • Pool pumps
  • Pool motors
  • Pool cleaners
  • Pool automatic control systems

This is how it works:

Get in touch with our 45 years of combined experience tech support staff during business hours at 800-877-1268 or you can use our Recommendation Forms.

We will recommend the best equipment for your specific pool needs. If the equipment is then purchased from Best Buy Pool Supply we guarantee it will be correct for your application. If for some reason we get it wrong we will exchange the items for you with no service fees, restock fees or additional shipping charges.

Simple and Free Service

SafeBuy Pool Equipment Purchase Guarantee