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Pool RX® Mineral Purifier Systems


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PoolRx contains a proprietary blend of minerals that continuously and effectively eliminates algae. The specially treated alloy cylinder is packed with the PoolRx mineral formulation. These minerals immediately dissolve out of the cylinder and form a stable residual throughout the pool water for up to 6 months. The minerals eliminate the algae while freeing up low levels of chlorine to be more active and productive in the water. During the pools filtration process the minerals are rejuvenated every time they return and pass through the cylinder. PoolRx works synergistically with a constant low level of chlorine. Residential (0.5-1.0ppm); Commercial (1.0-5.5ppm)


PoolRx Minerals improve the salt water experience. The minerals reduce the salt chlorine production needed to keep your salt pool sanitized and algae free. Less salt chlorine production extends the life of the salt cell and reduces the amount of acid needed to balance the pH.

PoolRx prolongs the life of your equipment, saves you money and improves the quality of your water.


4 Easy Steps To Installation

Step 1: Start with a Clean Filter

Step 2: Place unit into Skimmer for the first 6 hours or until minerals have completely dissolved

Step 3: Take unit out of Skimmer and Place in the Pump Basket. (for maximum water flow over unit)

Step 4: Set required Chlorine Level

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Unit must be replaced at the beginning of every swimming season for effective results.
PoolRx Mineral Booster (UP# 102001) should be added after approximately 4 to 6 months, based on bather load and conditions. MInerals are lost through algae kill, backwashing and filter cleaning. (8oz of PoolRx minerals)
The Booster should be added to the skimmer to dissolve. Note; The minerals do not need to be added back inside the PoolRx unit.


  • Maintain normal pool chemistry ranges;
  • Residential Chlorine 0.5ppm – 1.0ppm
  • Commercial Chlorine 1.0ppm – 5.0ppm
  • pH 7.2 – 7.8
  • Alkalinity 80 – 120
  • Cyanuric Acid 10 – 80

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