Name: Alexander Royero

Email Address:

Phone: 714-955-2414

2815 S.Fairview St #E
Santa Ana, CA, 92704

Company History and Information

How long have you been in business?

14 years

How far will you travel from your location for installations?

100 miles

What is  your company's primary focus?

Pool repair firm

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Have business license, Have contractors license, Have business insurance

Enter any other information you would like here regarding your experience and training

Electric and electronics motor and light controls specialist

Check all the services you would like to offer below

Pool pump replacement, Pool heater replacement, Pool automatic control install, Pool solar panel
install, Above-ground pool install, Pool service

Describe whether you charge by the hour or flat rate per job?

Flat rate job, on site free estimate

How do you prefer to be contacted by potential customers?


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