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The leader in ADA compliant pool lifts.

"At Global Lift Corp. we aim to offer the finest quality and safest products possible. We have a tremendous amount of experience in manufacturing and our quality is second to none. We are a Michigan based company and have been in the manufacturing business for over 25 years. After much research and development Global Lift Corp. was started to develop high quality ADA compliant products for pool access." - Global Lift Corp

Global Lift Corp. products are laboratory tested to meet ADA standards.

Aqua Creek offers 8 different lift models that meet new ADA standards. This includes 7 models that are inspected and verified by Wyle Labs, a nationally recognized test laboratory.

"At Aqua Creek Products, we manufacture some of the most innovative aquatic lifts on the market today. We also provide access solutions for showers, locker rooms and bathrooms. Aqua Creek combines exceptional quality with unmatched service and some of the most uniquely designed products on the market to provide our customers with an exceptional product always at a reasonable price. We are The Total Solution for Pool and Spa Access." - Aqua Creek

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