12 X 20 Rectangle Deluxe In Ground Leaf Net

20' X 44' Rectangle Deluxe In Ground Leaf Net

Tired of doing extra work in the spring to get your pool ready, install an Arctic Armor leaf net over your winter cover this fall. Our tight nit mesh net keeps the smallest leaves from reaching your winter cover. Other leaf nets have large gaps that allow small leaves to pass through and start decomposing in the spring. Installation is easy. Lay the leaf net on top of your winter cover when you close your pool and remove the net when all the leaves have fallen or prior to the first snow fall. Your winter cover will be virtual leaf free for your spring pool opening. Eliminate the swampy leaf decaying mess by installing Arctic Armor. These nets are made from durable woven polyethylene and carries a 4 (four) year manufacturers warranty. If leaves are a problem, invest in a quality Arctic Armor leaf net. Black mesh fabric.
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