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Baracuda G3

Cleaner parts listed below are not in the same order as table above, use the browser search function (Control + F) and type in the part number you are looking for.

  • G3 Parts - All parts are sold individually unless otherwise noted.
    22 - W70244 45 Degree Elbow ($24.95) BARACUDA CASSETTE ASSY COMPLETE G3 (W70340) ($169.95) BARACUDA CHAMBER ASSY G3 W/ COMP RING CASSETTE (W70345) ($19.95) BARACUDA COMPRESSION RING (W74000) ($9.95) BARACUDA DIAPHRAGM RETAINING RING (W81600) ($7.95) Baracuda Finned Disc - W46666/W70329 for Alpha3, Alpha3 Plus, and G3 (W70329) ($64.95) BARACUDA FLOAT BARACUDA G3 (W56124) ($9.95) Baracuda Flowkeeper Automatic Valve (W60050) ($59.95) Baracuda Foot Pad For G3 (W72880 / W70327) ($34.95) Baracuda G3 Cassette Outer Extension Pipe Assembly (W70326) ($114.95) Baracuda G3 Foot Flange (W70328) ($14.95) Baracuda G4/G3 Wheel Deflector (W83278) ($24.95) BARACUDA HOSE CONNECTOR 4.5" AQUA (PACER/G4) (W33160) ($12.95) BARACUDA HOSE WEIGHT (W83247) ($22.95) BARACUDA INGROUND VALVE CUFF (W70263) ($21.95) BARACUDA INNER EXTENTION PIPE - THRD (W56525) ($39.95) BARACUDA LEFT G3 MAIN BODY (W69541) ($49.95) BARACUDA RETAINING COLLAR G3 (W69545) ($19.95) BARACUDA RIGHT G3 MAIN BODY (W69542) ($39.95) BARACUDA WEIGHT BARACUDA G3 (W41079) ($16.95) BARACUDA ZODIAC BARACUDA FLOW GAUGE (W70335) ($39.95) Zodiac G3 Bumper Fin (W69526) ($29.95) Zodiac/Baracuda Complete Set Aqua Long Life Hose Kit 12x1 Meter for G4/G3 (W83140) ($144.95) Zodiac/Baracuda Diaphragm for G3/G4 - Long Life (W69698) ($29.95)