Duro-Beam Aquaboard Diving Board

Duro-Beam Aquaboard Diving Board

Inter-Fab 6' Duro-Beam Aquaboard W/Hardare Kit (White) (Db6Ww) ($319.95) Inter-Fab 8' Duro-Beam Aquaboard W/Hardare Kit (White) (Db8Ww) ($382.95) Inter-Fab 10' Duro-Beam Aquaboard W/Hardare Kit (White) (Db10Ww) ($519.95) "Inter-Fab Edgewater Waterfall Only, No Light" ($189.99) Inter-Fab Edgewater Waterfall With Fiber Optic Lighting ($382.95) Inter-Fab Edgewater Waterfall With Led Lighting ($369.95)


Waterfall w/LED option for aquaBoard

This board is called the DuroBeam aquaBoard because of its compatibility with the waterfall add-on option. Upgrade your DuroBeam with this beautiful waterfall and LED lighting kit for the ultimate diving experience!


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