Hayward Super II

Pump parts listed below are not in the same order as table above, use the browser search function (Control + F) and type in the part number you are looking for.

  • Super Ii Parts
    Hayward Slinger For Motor Shaft (Spx0125F) ($4.99) Hayward Motor Cap Screw 4/Pk (Spx0125Z44) ($9.95) Hayward Diffuser Gasket (Spx1600R) ($6.95) Hayward Drain Plug 1/4" (Spx1600V) ($5.95) Hayward Seal Assembly (Spx1600Z2) ($14.95) Hayward Housing Cap Screw (Spx1600Z4) ($6.95) Hayward Seal Assembly (Spxspx1600Z52) ($16.95) Hayward Drain Plug 1/4" W/Gasket (Spx1700Fg) ($5.95) Hayward Diffuser For .33Hp Thru 1.5Hp (Spx2600B) ($29.95) Hayward Pump Housing/Strainer 1-1/2" (Spx3000Aa) ($199.95) Hayward 1/2Hp - 1.5Hp Super Diffuser (1988 Up) (Spx3000Bn) ($29.95) Hayward Super Ii Knob Style Pump Lid (Spx3000D) ($39.95) Hayward Seal Plate For 2600 Series Imp (Spx3000E) ($39.95) Hayward Motor Mounting Plate Super Ii (Spx3000F) ($39.95) Hayward Mounting Bracket W/Adapter (Spx3000Ga) ($39.95) Hayward Basket Super Ii (Spx3000M) ($14.95) Hayward Strainer Cover O-Ring Super Ii (Spx3000S) ($12.95) Hayward Housing Gasket Super Ii (Spx3000T) ($9.95) Hayward Seal Assy Kit (Spx3000Tra) ($39.95) Hayward Washer For 3/8" Cap Screw 6/Pk (Spx3000Z26) ($6.95) Hayward Impeller Ring .75 - 3Hp Fr Super Ii (Spx3005R) ($6.95) Hayward Pump Housing/Strainer 2"X2" (Spx3020Aa) ($199.95) Hayward Seal Plate For 3000 Series Imp (Spx3020E) ($39.95) Hayward Diffuser 2Hp/2.5Hp/3Hp Up Rate (Spx3021B) ($29.95) Hayward Impeller Ring (Spx3021R) ($8.95) Hayward Pump Housing / Strainer (Spx3100Aaz) ($199.95) Hayward Super Ii Thread-In Pump Lid (Spx3100D) ($31.99) Hayward Strainer Cover Super Ii Biguan (Spx3100Db) ($44.95) Hayward Pump Housing/Strainer 2" (Spx3120Aaz) ($199.95)